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Double Chocolate Salted Walnut Brookies

Once upon a time, in my pre-Celiac life, I made these brownies that were literally To.Die.For. I am not even lying or exaggerating a tiny bit. Promise. These brownies were everything a person could want in an indulgent dessert. A fudgy, decadently rich chocolate brownie, slightly under-baked, and sprinkled with toasted walnuts and pink Himalayan… Continue reading Double Chocolate Salted Walnut Brookies

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Maple Walnut Banana Bread

I have a confession to make... I mostly buy bananas based solely on their future baked-good potential. Do I eat bananas? Sure, every so often. But 9 times out of 10, only a select few bananas are actually¬†enjoyed in our house in their raw, natural state. They sit on the counter, at first with their… Continue reading Maple Walnut Banana Bread