If It Bakes You Happy…

After spending a lifetime falling in love with cooking, baking, and finding joy in sharing all things food, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2018. What initially felt like an impossible hurdle I had to jump in a race I didn’t even want to be running has gradually evolved into an opportunity to find purpose in the kitchen and share the gift of delicious gluten-free food with other restricted individuals and their families. 

What you will find here is an assortment of items available for custom orders if you’re a local Wyomingite, a selection of DIY cookie kits specially designed for holidays, and a wide variety of gluten-free recipes for when you feel like cooking or baking up your own gluten-free goodness.  

Join me in discovering just how incredible gluten-free eating can taste! Let me know you stopped by, I would love to hear from you! Like, share, or comment- shoot me an email- find me on Facebook– I look forward to connecting with you!

Remember, life is all about balance and finding joy in the everyday… if it bakes you happy, DO IT!


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